EDEN Garden Design & Landscaping is serving the South Jersey and Deleware Valley regions with organic yard solutions. These organic products are chemical free and are made from the earth's natural resources.

Today as we are finding higher levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in our soils, State regulations are getting stricter about the amount of traditional chemical fertilizers allowed to be applied, by both licensed landscapers and home owners. These chemicals run off into our storm water sytems poisoning marine life and can also leech into well water systems poisoning drinking water.

Our solution is to use an all organic liquid mix of Living Active Microbes. When sprayed through out your yard it will nurished and feed the roots of the grass naturally and is completely safe.

Chemical pesticides are..., well....., just poision! Having to worry about your child or pet going outside in your yard to play, should not be something to cross anyone's mind. We have many different organic yard products for repelling mosquitoes, killing weeds, and if needed getting rid of bugs. Ideally, the best way to treat bugs though is through an I.P.M. program.

An Integrated Pest Managment (I.P.M.) program, in a nutshell, is allowing nature to take its course. Benificial bugs .... yes there are beneficial bugs, eat the pests while both provide food for our native bird species. Your yard will stay in check naturally.