Monarch Butterfly Oaklyn NJ

The Monarch Butterfly, once a staple in summer gardens have virtually disappeared.Their population of once nearly 1 billion has seen a 90% decrease. Due in part to deforestation in Mexico and California, the hibernation destination for the creatures, the rest of North America is killing Asclepias (Milkweed) which is the one host plant for the Monarch. The Monarch Caterpillars only eat and lay eggs on Asclepias. We can plant as many necatar plants as we want, but without the proper host plants the population will never grow.






Aclepias is a native plant found throughout North America. Unfortunatley, most native plants are torn out only to be replaced with alien ornamental plants from Asia, Europe etc. These alien species render our landscapes sterile and provide little to no benefit to the natural butterflies, birds etc. in our country. Over hundreds of years, the Monarch has built up a tolerance for the poison that flows within Asclepia. They are the only creature that can feed and live off of it and their preditors know it. That poison provides them a safe sheltor and a somewhat longer life against knowing preditors. It works so well that the Viceroy Butterfly in theory, has evolved over many years to mimic the Monarch's colors and pattern to ward off preditors.

EDEN Garden Design & Landscaping has always planned and installed landscapes using native plants with our wildlife in mind. Those that have had one of our designs installed can rest assured that they are doing their part in helping with the survival of these beautiful butterflies. We can plan a landscape for you and we offer free estimates and ideas. If updating your landscape is not ideal right now, just plant an Aclepias or two for now!! Let's enojoy and allow future generations to enjoy these wonderful butterflies for many more years!!